It’s Wednesday, 04 Jan 2023, and the US House of Representatives begins another day of voting on Speaker of the House.

Q: Why is RINO McCarthy the wrong choice for Speaker?
A: Because he is a RINO

One of the small band of America First Congressmen refusing to install McCarthy as Speaker has promised that this historic stalemate could go on “until the cherry trees bloom.”

That is good news indeed! As long as the House of Representatives is spinning its wheels, no legislation can be enacted: the government that governs least governs best.

20 stubborn Patriots, God bless’m

Here’s the list of Patriots standing up for America First principles:

  1. Rep. Andy Biggs
  2. Rep. Dan Bishop
  3. Rep. Lauren Boebert
  4. Rep. Josh Brecheen
  5. Rep. Michael Cloud
  6. Rep. Andrew Clyde
  7. Rep. Eli Crane
  8. Rep. Matt Gaetz
  9. Rep. Bob Good
  10. Rep. Paul Gosar
  11. Rep. Andy Harris
  12. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna
  13. Rep. Mary Miller
  14. Rep. Ralph Norman
  15. Rep. Andy Ogles
  16. Rep. Scott Perry
  17. Rep. Matt Rosendale
  18. Rep. Chip Roy
  19. Rep. Keith Self
  20. Rep. Byron Donalds

The good people of Arizona applaud our stalwart Congressmen Andy Biggs, Eli Crane, and Dr. Paul Gosar. You are doing exactly what we elected you to do. May God bless you and keep you strong.


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By Rosalie Stafford

Editor of The Gadsden Rattler

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