Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne announces that the Arizona Department of Education has launched a hotline which parents can call to report inappropriate lessons (including sex-grooming and racism) at their kids’ schools. Teachers suspected of abusing their position could face disciplinary action.

Regarding sex-grooming cases such as reported last week (Yuma’s Crane School District unabashedly and blatantly sex-grooming ethnic-minority preteen students – The Gadsden Rattler), Superintendent Horne stated: “Teachers should be teaching the academic standards to their students and not abusing a captive audience by pushing their own ideology. If [parents] know that their kids have been taught those things, we want them to let us know so we can investigate it and try to do something about it.”

The Arizona Department of Education notes that, besides sex-grooming content such as taught to six-graders at Crane School, inappropriate public school lessons include those that

* focus on race or ethnicity (rather than individual worth and individual merit; or that

* promote gender ideology; or that

* push Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) or Critical Race Theory (CRT).

SEL is a means of deliberately dumbing-down school-children: it is anti-intellectual and highly emotional. Teaching a kneejerk irrational response to problems and challenges, SEL is the polar opposite of critical thinking.

CRT is overtly racist, indoctrinating school-children to hate white people. According to the Arizona Department of Education, SEL and CRT are being taught in many public schools, with SEL functioning as a gateway for CRT.

Superintendent Horne has warned that CRT can be taught under different titles, such as power diversity or deep equity. This is ironic, as the CRT agenda pushes institutionalized racial discrimination. The Arizona Department of Education has published a list of key words and phrases associated with CRT: oppressors or oppressed, whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy, white complicity, white equilibrium, and white fragility.

To grasp the enormity of the essential racism of CRT, simply substitute the term Jew or Jewish for white: Jewish privilege, Jewish complicity, Jewishness.

The end final solution proposed by CRT

Despite its overtly racist content, 200 woke Arizona public school teachers have signed onto a statement proclaiming that they would continue teaching racist CRT, giving credence to the Arizona Department of Education’s statement: “The claim that CRT or its principles and elements is not part of any school curriculum in Arizona is false. It is being taught to children.”

AEA President Marisol Garcia

Arizona Education Association (AEA) is essentially a teacher’s union mouthpiece. AEA President Marisol Garcia calls the hotline a “recipe for disaster.” Marisol Garcia backs using tax-money to teach anti-white racism to Arizona school-children – as well as sex-grooming elementary students – and she vociferously objects to the threat of transparency, decrying the ability of parents to file FOIA requests. According to AEA, parents have no say in their kids’ “education.”

To file a report on schools teaching sex-grooming or racism, call the hotline at 602-771-3500 (8:30 am to 4:40 pm) or submit an email to


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