This week, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) released a report detailing the cost of illegal immigration to American taxpayers.

According to the report, to provide services and benefits to illegal aliens and their dependents, taxpayers forked over more than $180 billion in the last year alone. This $180 billion represents a 30% increase to taxpayers in just five years.

FAIR’s report concludes that the additional costs are the result of the Biden administration’s open borders policies that “have triggered an historic surge of new illegal aliens pouring across our borders.” The study found that illegal aliens cost Americans plenty:

$78 billion for education;

$42 billion for healthcare;

$47 billion for criminal justice costs; and

$13 billion for food stamps and welfare programs.

This week, the Biden regime released its proposed $6.9 trillion budget this week. It contains massive tax increases and enormous wasteful spending. Indeed, the budget punishes the American people while rewarding illegal aliens and foreigners (Ukrainians, Israelis, etc). It is fair to conclude that this regime hates the American people.

China Joe’s $6.9 trillion fiscal year 2024 budget disaster includes $3 billion to advance gender equality in furtherance of the radical Left’s woke agenda.

China Joe allocates not a single dime to securing the southern border or combating cartels, however, $865 million is budgeted to process asylum cases — to assist the very military assets (China-trained mercenaries) who are invading the United States, posing as refugees. Not a penny is allocated to protect victims of sex-trafficking: the toddlers who are kidnapped from Central American villages, utilized to enter the US, then sold to child-rapists.

Sex-trafficked toddler, another of Biden’s victims

Video-montage showing that the former Senator Biden (who used to jump into the shower and soap up his teen-age daughter) is still at it as illegitimate POTUS, groping and perving on young victims on camera:

Here’s something else you won’t hear from the Fake News: despite raising taxes by $5.5 trillion, the Biden budget ignores the plight of fixed-income seniors by allowing the Social Security retirement trust fund to go bankrupt, which will result in an automatic cut of 25% to benefits. Biden’s tax hikes are also estimated to kill 226,000 jobs, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation.

Inflation continues at historic highs, gasoline prices are exorbitant, wages are going in the wrong direction. The response from Biden: raise taxes and spend more of your money.

Some of the above content is from the office of Dr. Paul Gosar, Arizona’s favorite Congressman.


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By Rosalie Stafford

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