The puppet-state Ukraine, supplied with ever-longer-range rockets from the US and NATO bloc, is sending firepower hundreds of miles deep into Russia.

Three weeks ago (5 Dec 2022), an air base in western Russia was attacked by the illegitimate government of the United States of America, utilizing its proxy, Ukraine. Employing armaments and money supplied by the illegitimate US government, puppet-state Ukraine launched attacks on Ryazan, a Russian airbase which hosts nuclear-capable strategic bombers.

Let that sink in: the US attacked a Russian nuke-base.

Using its cat’s-paw Ukraine, the US also attacked Engels base. This strike constituted the deepest the the US had ever attacked inside Russia proper — hundreds of miles.

What does the illegitimate government of the United States of America hope to accomplish by poking the Russian bear?

This has nothing to do with “Democracy.” Zelensky, the porn actor installed by the US as Ukraine’s President has declared it illegal to say anything against his tyrannical government; has made the major religion (the ancient Russian Orthodox Church) illegal to practice. Months ago, Zelensky made it illegal to listen to Russian music (like Tchaikovsky). Last January, Zelensky made it illegal to read Russian literature (like Dostoevsky) or speak Russian. These oppressive laws target ethnic-Russians who live in the regions which subsequently voted to secede from Ukraine and re-join their Motherland. Making it illegal to speak Russian in the Donbass is analogous to Biden banning the use of Spanish in San Luis, on pain of prison-time.

This has nothing at all to do with “Democracy.”

The Deepstate is secure in their Continuity of Government (CoG) plans and in possession of their lavishly-stocked deep-underground nuke-safe military redoubts — provided by your tax-dollars.

The Deepstate is planning to depopulate the Earth.


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By Rosalie Stafford

Editor of The Gadsden Rattler

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