Kelly Townsend (R-LD16 Pinal) chairs the State Elections Committee which has been trying to obtain elections records held by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS). The stonewalling of Maricopa BOS has led to Arizona Senate to issue a subpoena for these election records.

In response to the subpoena, Bill Gates, BOS Government Committee chair says that his staff and attorneys are just too busy to respond deal with the subpoena — and, besides, the subpoena isn’t necessary anyway: “As you know, Maricopa County has made itself available to answer questions and provide information as requested, regardless if subpoenaed. It is not necessary for you to hand-deliver a letter or have a Senate President signed subpoena issued.”

Precisely what info is the Senate seeking? Kelly Townsend asks that:

  1. Gates reconcile discrepancies between his Audit Reconciliation report and poll workers’ Precinct Ballot Reports because Gates’ report failed to reflect the poll workers’ disclosure that nearly 17,500 ballots appeared to lack a chain of custody from voting centers;
  2. Gates explain why a combined 23,900 ballots were held overnight instead of immediate reception at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC);
  3. Gates explain why some voting centers calculated Election Day tabulated ballots from memory cards, while others were counted at Central Count;
  4. Gates explain the audit process when a Precinct Ballot Report is missing information like tabulated ballots, door 3 ballots, seals, or inspector and judge signatures;
  5. Gates explain just how election boards at each voting center account for the provisional and voided ballots on their Official Ballot Report to complete EPM reconciliation requirements (because, mysteriously, this info was not included in the Precinct Ballot Report fields);
  6. Gates explain why the county’s Precinct Ballot Report form wasn’t updated for the voting center model to include a count of control slips as a way to quantify voting center check-ins; and that immediately
  7. Gates deliver the remaining Incoming Scan Receipts chain of custody documents, and the Goldenrod reports (Voting Location Event Forms) for every voting center.

That list of subpoenaed info definitely calls for Maricopa BOS to do quite a lot of “creative writing.”

No wonder they are stonewalling: to provide the Senate with true information would simply document some of the mechanisms employed in the 2020 AZ Steal.

Of course, if and when the conspirators go to trial, they will no doubt be gifted with a crooked judge like Maricopa County Superior Court Peter Thompson the lousy coward who found that, yes, Kari Lake had proven that the election was extremely flawed what with the wrong-size ballots and the broken machines only in Republican precincts and the total lack of chain-of-custody, but that no, Kari Lake had not proven that it was deliberately done in order to rig the election.

A blind man could see FRAUD written all over this.


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By Rosalie Stafford

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