The US is not at war with Russia, disingenuously insists William Alberque — Director of the Strategy, Technology, and Arms Control Program at NATO’s International Institute for Strategic Studies — who mendaciously trots out this spectacular, world-class fib: “War would require strikes carried out by US or NATO forces, in uniform, attacking from NATO territory against Russian forces, Russian territory, or the Russian populace.”

Q: What does the legal code say about that?

A: 18 USC § 2331(4) states that the term “act of war” means any act occurring in the course of —

(A) declared war; [or]

(B) armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two or more nations; or

(C) armed conflict between military forces of any origin;

The legal definition of war: armed conflict between two or more nations or military forces — whether or not war has been declared certainly describes what is going on between, on the one side, the US and NATO and Ukraine versus, on the other side, Russia.

“US forces” include intelligence officers such as those who worked with Ukraine to destroy the Russian warship Moskva in May 2022. That act of belligerence sounds like “armed conflict between two or more nations or military forces — whether or not war has been declared.” And don’t forget that the US conducted terrorist strikes which destroyed Nord Stream I and II. And the airstrike hundreds of miles into Russia, courtesy of US intelligence and equipment, which killed and injured hundred of young recruits in a bootcamp dorm.

The US has played an actively belligerent role in this conflict since its beginning.

US will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine to deploy in US war against Russia

Q: Why is Russia in the Donbas?

A: Because Ukraine abrogated the Minsk Accords of 2014 and 2015.

As explained in one of my earlier articles in this subject, Ukraine helped to write and subsequently agreed to the terms of the 2014 Minsk Protocol I and the 2015 Minsk Protocol II, which specify the right of the people of the Donbas region to hold elections to determine whether the four ethnic-Russian provinces (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia) of the Donbas would remain part of Ukraine or would opt to ally themselves with Russia. Despite signing onto Minsk I and II, Ukraine refused to allow elections. Instead, Ukraine engaged in ongoing military action (state-sponsored terrorism) against dissident civilians in the Donbas, killing at least 14,000 ethnic Russians between 2014 and 2022.

In June 2022, Ukraine bragged that it had signed on to the Minsk Protocols simply to buy time in which to arm up, in order to wage war and finally quash all civilian resistance in the Donbas. Less than four months after the Russian “invasion,” both Angela Merkel and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko publicly admitted that there had never been any question of implementing either Minsk I or Minsk II they had been intended only to “give Ukraine time” (see this and that).

Zelensky banned Russian Orthodox religion, Russian language, Russian literature, Russian music

In late 2021, Russia warned the world that Ukraine’s on-going attacks on ethnic-Russian civilians in the Donbas was intolerable. Russia informed Ukraine and NATO that Russia was poised to engage in military action in order to protect ethnic Russians in the Donbas and to secure them the elections called for under Minsk.

To this end, in February 2022, Russia finally commenced its promised military action. Because of the Russian presence, elections did indeed take place in June 2022, despite Ukraine warning the people of the Donbas that anyone suspected of voting would be summarily executed. As expected, the people of the Donbas voted almost unanimously — 99.9% — to remove the yoke of Ukraine and to ally themselves with Russia.

Throughout this, US media (NPR, CNN, Fox News, New York Times, etc) beat the drums of war, blaring misinformation and disinformation, filling the ears of the uninformed with exciting lies: “Russia is on the march, intent on taking back its former satellite states; Putin is a sick, insane dictator; Ukraine’s President Zelensky is striving to maintain Democracy in Ukraine.” All fakenews.

Gay porn dancer Zelensky doing his thang

Sheeple across the political spectrum — sheeple on the Left and sheeple on the Right — clamored for war. American tax dollars flooded into the coffers of Ukrainian corrupticrats and immediately began circling back to the wallets of Washington corrupticrats.

War is good (for those in power)

Foreign Policy notes: “Since 2014 [the year of the first Minsk Accord, both of which were abrogated by Ukraine and NATO], the US has given $2.5 billion to support the development of Ukraine’s armed forces, including Humvees, patrol boats, radar systems, and anti-tank Javelin missiles.” (In the past year, that $2.5 billion has ballooned to a bloated $120 billion.) The Center for European Policy Analysis, a Washington thinktank, reports: “Throughout this near-30 year relationship, American national guard units and advisers have helped the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense implement defense reforms and to modernize the military.”

If the US were interested in Democracy in Ukraine, the US would have nudged Ukraine to honor the Minsk Agreements; instead, the US ignored the plight of the people of the Donbas and aided Ukraine in terrorist attacks against civilians. Democracy in Ukraine is not the issue: maintaining Ukraine’s useful function as money-laundromat and biowar labs site is the driving force behind the deepstate’s pro-Zelensky position.

US Hymar gifted to Ukraine, used to kill civilians in Donbas

In late 2021 and early 2022, weeks before the Russian incursion, the US and NATO began moving troops and heavy armaments to the border regions of Ukraine. At that time, USA Today reported: “Since mid-Feb 2022, NATO has about 40,000 troops in its [Ukraine-war] response force, which has not been activated yet, and Biden [has] sent thousands more US-based troops to the continent.”

In late Feb 2022, USA Today reported: “The Pentagon had been repositioning personnel in allied countries in Eastern Europe for weeks ahead of the invasion, deploying forces in the US to Europe and shifting those already on the continent to former Soviet bloc states. The U.S. has about 90,000 troops in Europe; the largest concentration is based in Germany. Biden said last week during an address to the nation that he had authorized US forces and equipment already stationed in Europe to move into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.”

Early on, NYT approvingly reported: “Within the first two weeks of Russia’s military action in Ukraine, the US [deployed] at least fourteen thousand American troops to NATO ally countries, Germany, Poland, and Romania.”

US training Ukrainian military, Kherson region, July 2022

In early March 2022, I spoke with a Puerto Rican national living in Yuma; she told me that a contingent of Puerto Rican national guard medics had been sent to Ukraine; another contact told me that MCAS-Yuma was deploying troops to the region.

For the past 11 months, the US has been at war with Russia. For the US, it’s a proxy-war fought by means of US-provided money, US-provided materiel, US-provided military advisors and mercenaries, and Ukrainian soldiers (at this point, teens and old men forced into military servitude). For Russia, it’s no proxy-war but the real thing, with Russian soldiers dying, even recruits in sleeping in their bootcamp dorm beds, hundreds of miles from the border.

Russian troops entering the Donbas in order to secure democratic elections for ethnic Russians was hysterically reported by American deepstate media outlets from NPR to CNN to MSNBC to Fox News to the New York Times as an “invasion” occurring like a lightning bolt out-of-the-blue, signaling Russian intent to seize and annex all its former satellites — and possibly even to seize and subjugate the Eurozone.

The West’s story that Russia launched unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a false narrative — fakenews — deepstate propaganda. The story is an elaborate falsehood — a lie — disinformation meant to manipulate the masses of Americans who are easily convinced that sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine somehow protects Democracy. To see how the Ukraine-slushfund actually circles back into the wallets of Washington corrupticrats and their cronies, see my article.

Money money money. Money is what’s at the bottom of this con being run on we the people.

Biden has announced that he is providing 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. These high-tech tanks that run on jet fuel cost as much as $43 million each; they are extraordinarily complex to operate, and crews must be trained for a minimum of six months. (Ukrainian soldiers are even now being trained in Oklahoma.) The cost to the American taxpayer for these 31 Abrams tanks alone (not the training of foreign troops, etc) will top $1,333,000,000.

Q: Will some of this $1,333,000,000 boondoggle end up in the wallets of Washington corrupticrats, their crooked crony capitalists, Zelensky, and assorted Ukrainian black-marketeers?

A: No bout a’doubt it — after all, every other tranche of money and materiel has ended up profiting the crooks who rule America and their partners-in-crime.

Remember: Washington has sent enough money (your tax dollars) to give $200,000 to every Congressional District in America. Think of that when you tank your car.

Think of the people of the Donbas, civilians being slaughtered with weapons provided by American tax dollars.

Are you angry yet?

Babushka’s religion made illegal by Zelensky’s 2022 executive order


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