Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is the son of two Stanford law professors. Mama Fried teaches tax law and describes herself as an intellectual who ponders the “intersection of law, economics, and philosophy.” Papa Bankman teaches tax law (and mental health law — he also practices clinical psychology); he has worked closely with Elizabeth Warren, writing and passing tax laws to benefit their cronies. The Bankman-Frieds are big Dem donors, on record as having donated tens of thousands of dollars to the DNC and their influential friends in government. Son SBF follows the family tradition of buying influence: his crypto company donated TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of dollars to corrupticrats — Dems and RINOs, from Biden on down.

Funny, isn’t it: all that money swooshing into politicians’ pockets … yet SBF’s company (FTX) is penniless and all its investors are left holding the bag (the empty bag).

SBF, extracted from his Playboy-style mansion in the Bahamas, is presently under house-arrest at his parent’s swanky mansion in the Bay Area. Is SBF gonna get a fair trial? Will SBF be sentenced to 150 years in prison like Bernie Madoff was? Or will SBF be granted time-served and work-release and a plummy book contract?

Q: Why should you be interested in this punk-crook, anyway?

A: This punk-crook is an important cog in the Washington machinery of corruption.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Ukraine funneled millions, if not billions, of international donations into FTX, SBF’s company before it went belly-up. FTX funneled millions of dollars into Dem and RINO warhawks’ campaign coffers. The warhawks in Washington funneled $100 billion into Ukraine … see the pattern? It’s a trans-continental circle-jerk, a gigantic money-laundering shell-game.

From the beginning (since late February of 2022), I knew that giving money to Ukraine was not only wrong, but dangerously stupid. All around me, people who should have known better were gung-ho on “helping Ukraine.” I spoke out against this folly and, in a personal email to me, the Chairman of the Yuma GOP told me I was “a traitor.” Now, people are catching on. Washington has sent ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (your tax-money) to Ukraine. Here at home, hamburger is unaffordable, gas costs more than champagne, the border is wide open and Washington continues to dump money into the money-laundering scheme that is Ukraine.

Now Blackrock is involved. That deserves its own article … to be continued.


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