It is total war.

So they’re not just bombing us with bioweapons and

poison shots

to weigh down society and

collapse it.

They’re not just cutting off the energy.

They’re not just imploding the Third World and

flooding the border and

they’re not just shipping in fentanyl and

creating cultural divides and

having the police stand down and

defund-the-police so crime explodes.

They are walking us into war

with Russia and others and

they need a pretext …

They have you trained 

to stay in your house and

be locked down

under martial law, and

so the covid lockdowns were

the training wheels of this and

they’ve now admitted that:

“Oh, we may need to lock you down

during cyber-attacks or

during a war or

for the Earth or

for the climate and

then only if your smartphone tells you

‘you can leave the house,’

can you leave.”

The above transcript comprise the first 40 seconds of this Alex Jones clip. Listen to the full 14-minute clip and figure out what you already know and what you have yet to learn.

By Rosalie Stafford

Editor of The Gadsden Rattler

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