[It] “is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation,” whines soyboy New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D).1

Q: What is NYC Mayor Adams whining about?

A: Colorado — a progressive sanctuary State —  is off-loading its illegal aliens, shipping them like pallets of government cheese to NYC.

A few thousand illegal aliens who showed up in NYC are expected to cost The Big Apple “at least” $600 million. You read that right: NYC figures it costs “at least” $600 million to provide housing, schooling, doctoring, and counseling for a few thousand illegals.

Is it “just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation?” Yuma AZ has been dealing with a few thousand illegal aliens every day — for more than a year.

Illegal aliens have overwhelmed Yuma County’s one hospital which has, in one year, gone from solvent to $20 million in the red.

According to Sheriff Leon Wilmott, Yuma County’s Social Services is caring for four thousand sex-trafficked kids, rescued from their illegal alien kidnappers. These tragic little ones were kidnapped from their villages and transported to the border (being abused along the way).

When the stolen kids arrive at the border, some are funneled into the nation-wide pedo network, some into the organ-harvesting pool – unless they are lucky enough to be “separated from their families” by ICE (as the Left defines “being rescued from their unrelated kidnappers).

Waves of human misery – as heavy and huge as tsunamis – pound the border, from California to Texas. Do you live along the border? Do you feel the human misery in your very bones – the degradation, the despair and hopelessness, the tears of a hundred thousand defiled kids who just want to go home to their moms? This is Biden’s call to the cartels and the coyotes to “surge the border.” This is the reality of the invasion.

Who profits from this systemic horror? Don’t you know? Really?

1CBS New York Team. “Mayor Eric Adams says more asylum seekers expected to arrive in New York from Colorado.” 03 Jan 2022. https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/new-york-asylum-seekers-colorado/


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