Pro football player, Uche Nwaneri #diedsuddenly on 30 Dec 2022. Medical Examiner’s preliminary report notes that the deceased had an “enlarged heart” which caused “sudden heart failure.”

Uche Nwaneri, the high-spirited Dallas-native fondly remembered for his suspension from Purdue for the 2005 fall semester after breaking his teammate Ryan Noblet’s jaw during a fight at practice, has #diedsuddenly at age 38.

He was an outspoken advocate of taking the coofjuice jab, tweeting exhortations such as:

“Ok, so lets get these vaccine mandates and Vaccine passports up and running immediately. We seeing children die daily from the unvaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women at risk too. PROTECT LIFE: MANDATE THE VACCINE. Jail anyone who refuses, to protect life.”

Uche Nwaneri rightly points out: “I mean natural selection takes over at some point right?”

RIP, #diedsuddenly Uche Nwaneri. You will long be remembered for dying for your belief in the coofjuice jab and for your outspoken attempts to convince the twitterverse that fellow humans who believe in body autonomy should be rounded up and imprisoned. Know that your heroic example will live on, my friend.


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By Rosalie Stafford

Editor of The Gadsden Rattler

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