Ukraine has long been a juicy slush fund for corrupticrats in Washington. Since the break-up of the USSR, members of the uniparty (Dems and Republicans) and their hog-snouted crony-capitalist associates have lined their pockets while laundering millions of dollars a month by pillaging energy-rich Ukraine. The poster child for the rape of Ukraine is Hunter Biden, who pulled in millions of dollars via his cushy position at Burisma.

Hunter and Pappa Pedo Joe

Hunter Biden’s “job” at Burisma shines light to the old insult — 

Q: “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”

A: If your dad is a top-tier corrupticrat, you can be a crack-smoking dumbass, and still make bank.1

Everyone remembers the famous 2018 clip of then-VP Biden bragging to the Council of Foreign Relations that he strong-armed the Ukrainian Special Investigator (who was looking into Hunter Biden’s illegal acts) by threatening to withhold a billion dollars foreign aide (your tax-dollars) if the investigation were not shelved —  and that he had Obama’s go-ahead on this monumental act of bribery.2

Q: Why was Biden not prosecuted for this criminal act?

A: Because practically all of Washington had (still has) their snouts in the money-trough that is Ukraine.

Besides looting Ukraine’s energy wealth, the Obama administration established more than dozen illegal bioweapon labs in Ukraine, where — until the “Russian invaders” shut down the labs — work was done on creating pathogens, like genetically-modified ebola engineered to target specific racial groups. Fauci loved this program, but bad old Putin shut it down. 3

The history of US corrupticrats’ rape of Ukrain goes back to the break-up of the old Soviet Union, but we will begin the story in media res (that’s a fancy way of saying not at the beginning, but toward the middle of the narrative). Let’s go back 15 years, bearing in mind that the word “Ukraine” comes from Russian word meaning “borderland.”4 After the fall of the “Evil Empire” (the USSR), Ukraine went from being literally Russia’s borderland to being a de facto buffer-land, separating the West from Russia.

In 2008, NATO encouraged Ukraine and Georgia to seek NATO-membership. Regarding NATO’s invitation, Russia publicly warned said such a move posed an existential threat to Russia and, as such, was not permissable.

To aggressively unsettle Russia, the US invested five billion dollars – some of which stayed in Ukraine, in the pockets of local corrupticrats, and some of which returned to the US to enter the coffers of the DNC and the pockets of Dems and RINOs. Under Fauci’s direction, the US funded numerous biowarfare labs tasked with developing deadly substances — keyed to attack specific ethnic groups.

During Obama’s second term, on 23 Feb 2014, the CIA effected a violent coup in Ukraine, ousting President Viktor Yanukovych and installing Petro Poroshenko as Ukrainian President.

The very next day, 24 Feb 2014, it was suggested that the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSC), the world’s largest regional security-oriented intergovernmental organization with observer status at the United Nations, help Ukraine get through the crisis — in other words, ensure that the new CIA-installed puppet-president Petro Poroshenko maintain control in order that Ukraine remain under the sway of the US … thereby ensuring that the wealth of Ukraine — rich in oil and grain — continue to be vacuumed out and dumped into the coffers of Washington corrupticrats.

Upon installing their puppet Poroshenko, the US and NATO began training Ukrainian troops and explicitly self-identified nazi battalians (such as the infamous Azov Battalion), equipping and training thousands of men per year. Between 2014 and 2022, US-trained Ukrainian troops in the Donbas (Ukraine’s easternmost region, home to mostly ethnic-Russians) killed more than 14,000 ethnic-Russian separatists, including thousands of women and children, blown up by Ukrainian missiles fired into their apartment houses. Note that 14,000 was the estimated number of deaths in the Donbas due to Ukrainian shells and bombs as of 25 Feb 2022, but that many more civilians have been killed since then.5

The people of the Donbas have been living in a war zone since our CIA pulled off their successful coup in 2014 and installed first Poroshenko, then Zelensky.

Is that news to you?

Those are facts which are censored by America’s propaganda press.

The removal of Yanukovich and the installation of puppet Poroshenko caused Ukraine to immediately flame into civil war: determined to not see their homeland become even more of a vassal-state of the US, militias in the Donbas engaged regular Ukrainian troops in heavy fighting. All the fighting took place in the Donbas. The US-trained Ukrainian troops inflicted heavy civilian casualties, as they targeted ethnic-Russian schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

Ukraine goes after freedom-fighters like the American uniparty goes after America-Firsters

The separatists – Donbas freedom-fighters – are ethnic Russians while the Ukrainian military is composed of non-ethnic-Russian troops from the western provinces.

In this context, in June of 2014, OSC’s contact group held its first meeting in Kiev. As reported by Grigory Dukor6:

“On 20 June, then-newly elected President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko proposed a peace plan, saying that his priorities included ensuring the ‘safety’ of the residents of southeastern Ukraine, as well as a ceasefire. As weeks passed, as Kiev and representatives of the newly-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics held talks, Ukrainian troops continued their advance deep into militia-held territory, engaging in heavy artillery and mortar shelling, air attacks, and attacks on cities, towns, and villages in the Donbass region.”

Heavy fighting continued, with the Ukraine military bombarding civilians in attacks upon major Donbas cities, including Mariupol, Slavyansk, Artemovsk, and Kramatorsk; Donetsk and Lugansk were under siege.

On 3 Sep 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a peace plan, calling for:

  1. an immediate ceasefire,
  2. the deployment of international observers to monitor the truce,
  3. the release of all prisoners,
  4. the creation of corridors for the evacuation of refugees and the delivery of humanitarian aid,
  5. and assistance to rebuild Donetsk and Lugansk.

“I believe” said Putin, “that a final agreement between the authorities in Kiev and southeastern Ukraine can be reached and cemented during a meeting of the OSC group on 5 September.”

Coached by the corrupticrats who had installed him as President, Poroshenko called Putin’s terms “deceptive” and “self-serving.” Porochenko absolutely refused to consider any of the terms proposed by Putin.

Nevertheless, on 5 Sep 2014, the OSC group met in Minsk and hammered out a plan which called for an immediate ceasefire, OSC monitoring, special self-governance status for the Donbas region, the release of all hostages and POWs, and various humanitarian measures to aid the civilian population which had been targeted by the the Ukraine military.

On 14 Sep 2014, the agreement (the “Minsk Protocol”) was signed by representatives of the OSC, Russia, Ukraine, and the leaders of the Donbass republics.

This 2014 agreement is now known as “Minsk I.”

The very name tells you that the original Minsk Protocol was ineffectual – Ukraine would not abide by the protocol. Since Ukraine refused to abide by the terms of the original Minsk Protocol and continued its bloody assault on the Donbas, the bloody war continued.

Grigor Dukow tells how this led to Minsk II – another failed attempt to bring peace to the people of the Donbas – an attempt at peace which failed because US-controlled Ukraine would not abide by the protocol.

“On 12 Feb 2015, the leaders of the Normandy Four contact group of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met in Minsk to sign a new, 13-point plan. The agreement, known as Minsk II, succeeded Minsk I, and Russia, Germany and France would continue to insist on its implementation for the next seven years. The Minsk Agreements called for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of forces from the contact line buffer zone, banned the deployment of heavy weaponry in this zone, and required an immediate exchange of prisoners. The agreements also called for Kiev to carry out political reforms, including amending the constitution to include the concept of decentralisation and the granting of special status to the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. The Donbss states were required to hold local elections, after which Kiev could begin to gradually restore its control over the border.”

Ukraine never followed the protocol set forth in Minsk II.

Ukraine never permitted the people of the Donbas to hold elections. Instead, Ukraine continued shelling the cities of the Donbas, killing 14,000 ethnic Russians between 2014 and 2022.

Rationalizing its refusal to abide by Minsk II, Ukraine insisted that, before they would permit the people of the Donbas to hold local elections (to determine whether the Donbas would remain a part of Ukraine or would secede and ally itself with Russia), all arms must be turned over to the Ukrainian government – a provision which was deliberately not included in Minsk I and Minsk II.

Imagine King George informing the Colonists that, before he would permit them to hold elections to decide whether they would remain subjects of the Crown or would become sovereign citizens of a new nation, the United States of America, first they must turn in all their firearms. What would the Founding Fathers have said to that royal edict?

The situation got worse over the next few years: Ukraine continued to shell civilians in the Donbas. Elections mandated by the Minsk Accord did not take place. Ukraine made it illegal to speak Russian anywhere in Ukraine, especially in the Donbas. (That would be like Biden making it illegal to speak Spanish in Arizona, or Trudeau making it illegal to speak French in Quebec.)

In 2022, the Russian-speaking regions voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and ally with Russia: democracy in action

In December 2020, the US’s new puppet-President, former porn star and television actor Volodymyr Zelensky told Ukrainian media that he would prefer to scrap the Minsk Agreements — without implementing them. Remember, Ukraine had always refused to implement Minsk I and then Minsk II.

By 2021, NATO-trained troops were holding war exercises on Russia’s borders.

In Dec 2021, Putin demanded that NATO roll back from East Europe and stay out of Ukraine. Russia’s concerns were ignored. The crisis gained momentum in 2022:7

In Feb 2022, Ukraine stepped up its artillery strikes against the Donbas. Here is a record of Ukraine’s attacks during the ten days before Russia “invaded.”

14 Feb 2022: 174 ceasefire violations, 41 explosions

15 Feb 2022: 153 ceasefire violations, 76 explosions

16 Feb 2022: 509 ceasefire violations, 316 explosions

17 Feb 2022: 870 ceasefire violations, 654 explosions

18 Feb 2022: 1,566 ceasefire violations, 1,413 explosions

19-20 Feb 2022: 3,231 ceasefire violations, 2,026 explosions

21 Feb 2022: 1,927 ceasefire violations, 1,481 explosions

21 Feb 2022: Russia recognizes independence of Donetsk and Luhansk

22 Feb 2022: 1,710 ceasefire violations, 1,420 explosions

24 Feb 2022: Russia launches ‘special military operation’

Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine was no such thing: instead, it was a heroic attempt by Russia to come to the aid of its own people in the the Donbas, ethnic Russians who had been under military attack for more than eight years – not just shelling of apartment buildings, school, and hospitals but also assassinations of men walking down city streets. For finally coming to the aid of the people of the Donbas, Putin was labeled “psychopath” and “dictator” by the mainstream media (MSM), from NYT on the left to Glen Beck on the right. Only some in the alt-media — chief among them, Alex Jones of Infowars – proclaimed the truth of the matter, but the voices of the truth-tellers were stifled by censorship and lawfare. (That’s a tale for another article.)

Stoked by MSM propaganda, Americans who had absolutely no knowledge of the history of the conflict hysterically decried “Russian aggression” — even people who should have known better: General Mick McGuire, then a GOP candidate for US Senate, jumped on the “let’s bomb the Russkies” bandwagon. I myself was subject to insults from ignoramuses and dumbasses — like Russ Jones, Chairman of the Yuma GOP, who informed me that I was a “traitor” for not wanting to give guns and money to Ukraine.

Reminds me of an asinine fad that swept America when I was young thing: pet rocks. Remember pet rocks? People paid money for them. Collected them. Collecting pet rocks is just as stupid as wanting war with Russia.

Money and material flow from Washington to Ukraine; the money circles back to Washington corrupticrats’ wallets, while the arms are diverted to the black market.

In June 2022, less than four months after the Russian “invasion,” former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko publicly admitted that there had never been any question of implementing either Minsk I or Minsk II: they had been intended only to “give Ukraine time.”8

Backing up Poroshenko’s admissions, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Die Zeit that the Minsk agreement served to buy time to rearm Ukraine: “The 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time … to become stronger, as you can see today.”9

The US, using its puppet-state Ukraine, started the war with Russia. That is undeniable.

Q: But why would the US want war with Russia?

A: Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov says, “It is no secret to anyone that the strategic goal of the United States and its NATO allies is to defeat Russia on the battlefield as a mechanism for significantly weakening or even destroying our country. 10

Lavrov points out that Zelensky has been urging NATO states to deliver preventive nuclear strikes against Russia. Remember how Zelensky insisted that the US and NATO must use nukes against Russia after two missiles went into Poland, killing several Polish farmworkers? Those missiles were shot into Poland by Ukraine: textbook example of a false flag operation.

Zelensky doing his thang

Clearly, Lavrov is correct in arguing that the West (US and NATO) wants war with Russia – but war with Russia would almost instantly devolve into global thermonuclear holocaust – and that begs the question: why would the West believe that global nuclear war is survivable?

Could it have anything to do with Washington’s Continuity of Government plans which include well-stocked underground cities where the political elites will shelter during the long long nuclear winter?

Q: How long since you viewed Kubrik’s 1964 masterpiece Dr. Strangelove?

A: Better watch it again, as soon as possible … Dr. Strangelove presents a credible fly-on-the-wall view of our insaniac political elites’ belief that they can survive that long long nuclear winter, snug in their hunker bunkers, while 99% of the world perishes miserably in the immediate global firestorm or the subsequent centuries of cold and dark while our planet remains shrouded in toxic dust. For your convenience, I’ve uploaded the movie to my Bitchute channel, HiveMindRX: .11


Rosalie Stafford is editor of The Gadsden Rattler and is solely responsible for all content. All content is copyrighted. Contact Editor Rosalie Stafford for permission to re-post content appearing in The Gadsden Rattler.


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