Crane School District, in Yuma Arizona, is an under-performing school district. That means that the majority of Crane District students are functionally illiterate: incapable of reading a newspaper, of making change, of even reading a thermometer. But, rather than focus on the 3Rs, this woke school district is focused on sex-grooming its mostly-minority (Mex-American) students. Case in point: last Fall, Crane School District’s sixth-grade teacher Ms. Ortiz spoonfed her pre-teen captive-audience pornographic content from a sex-groomer group.

When this crime –  a felony, under AZ law – was brought to the attention of Crane District’s woke Superintendent, she pusillanimously tossed the hot potato to the attention of Crane District’s legal counsel – who unsurprisingly advised the Superintendent that no comment should be proffered and no action be taken.

This reprehensible response led to the mom of one of the abused students reaching out to a Yuma citizen-activist group, of which the Editor/Publisher of The Gadsden Rattler, Prof. Rosalie Stafford, is a member. Hence this letter to the Crane School District:


1] Arizona law prohibits any visual depiction in which a minor is engaged in exploitative exhibition or other sexual conduct. Moreover, under Arizona law, it is a felony to distribute, exhibit, electronically transmit, or exchange any such visual depictions.

2] What part of felony do you not understand? Under Arizona law, promulgating pictures – even in school-sanctioned comic books – of teen boys engaging in oral and anal sex constitutes a felony, particularly when pre-teens are deliberately exposed to depictions of this activity. Even when it’s part of a school assignment, it’s a felony.

3] Crane District sixth grade teacher Ms. Ortiz instructed her pre-teen students to research and write essays on a particular subject. As part of the assignment, she instructed these students to read this block of misinformation: “THIS IS A DANGEROUS TIME FOR READERS AND THE PUBLIC SERVANTS WHO PROVIDE ACCESS TO READING MATERIALS. READERS, PARTICULARLY STUDENTS, ARE LOSING ACCESS TO CRITICAL INFORMATION, AND LIBRARIANS AND TEACHERS ARE UNDER ATTACK FOR DOING THEIR JOBS” [Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom]. Apparently “critical information” which pre-teens desperately need includes illustrated instructions on fellatio and fudge-packing techniques … and, apparently, it is librarians’ and grade-school teachers’ duty to provide pre-teens this “critical information.”

4] Ms. Ortiz instructed her pre-teen students to read a particular article which contained links to a specific list of ten items which had been banned due to their child-sex-grooming content. In order to respond to the writing prompts and to then write the assigned essays, it was necessary to look at the banned items. Please do not insult professional educators nor members of the public by attempting to argue that Ms. Ortiz did not intend to engage these students with these obscene sex-grooming comic books! I taught English (literally dozens of Research Writing courses) at the college level for decades. It is absolutely clear that, under standard professional practices, Ms. Ortiz intended these students to access these obscene sex-grooming materials in order to answer the prompts and write the assigned essays and, in furtherance of that desire, actively and deliberately guided these students to access these obscene sex-grooming materials, a felony under Arizona State law.

5] To argue that Ms. Ortiz did not intend these pre-teen students to be exposed to obscene pictures and concepts and that she did not overtly and actively guide them to “discover” obscene sex-grooming material is simply disingenuous and intellectually indefensible.

6] Under Arizona law, Ms. Ortiz’ wantonly immoral behavior constitutes felonious behavior.

7] And when Crane District administrators argue that their wantonly immoral employee committed no crime against these pre-teen kids, Crane District administrators share in Ms. Ortiz’ crime and become collectively and equally guilty. The Principal, the Superintendent, the School Board are ex post facto collaborators in this outrage against these kids, their captive audience forced to engage with this obscene sex-grooming material.

8] Ms. Ortiz, the Principal, the Superintendent, the School Board all are, at this point, purveyors of child-pornography and all are active participants in the gratuitous assault on the innocence of children. Like the mRNA jab, once the bioweapon enters the body, the poison cannot be removed: once the obscene imagery is seen, it cannot be unseen. These children have had their noses rubbed in filth, with the full approval of Crane Principal, of Crane District Superintendent, and of elected Members of the School Board. This is shocking and egregiously shameful! Ms. Ortiz, the Principal, the Superintendent, the School Board don’t want to admit their disgusting crimes against children: they are effectively sex-groomers – a felony under Arizona State law.

9] Let’s look at the crimes of Ms. Ortiz in greater detail: Taking her cue from leftist institutions which strive to indoctrinate public-school students in the woke worldview, out of an infinite number of research topics, Crane District sixth grade teacher Ms. Ortiz selected the topic of banned sex-grooming propaganda. As a Professor of Literature and a professional writer (author of many published books, both fiction and non-fiction), I myself find the topic of censorship very interesting. Many times, I have taught my college students the classics Boccaccio’s Decameron (1353), Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (circa 1390), Defoe’s Moll Flanders (1722) – all of which have suffered the ignominy of being banned, as have classics such as Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and the short stories of Flannery O’Connor. In Ukraine today, the tyrant Zelensky has banned all Russian classics including literature by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Pushkin, Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn.

10] Why does Ms. Ortiz not teach critical-thinking and writing skills by focusing on worth-while material? Why does Ms. Ortiz not focus on the banning of American classics Huck Finn or The Grapes of Wrath? Why does Ms. Ortiz not focus on literature rather than obscene comic books? Why does Ms. Ortiz instead instruct her pre-teen students to focus on the banning of illustrated sex-grooming materials? Material so obscene that, when Mr. Bruce Luna addressed the Yuma City Council, he was warned to not show the obscene and illegal images – pictures which Ms. Ortiz and the Crane District administration hold to be wholly appropriate content to teach pre-teens!

11] Obviously, Ms. Ortiz is incapable of teaching critical thinking, as well as incapable of teaching either the history of censorship or the glories of Western Civilization – I suspect Ms. Ortiz to be woefully ignorant of the literature, the music, the architecture of Western Civilization, no doubt considering the splendid achievements of brilliant luminaries to be “racist” and “anti-woke.” Instead, Ms. Ortiz teaches child-porn out of comic books. This is abysmally anti-intellectual! I live right across the street from Crane School. Why am I paying property taxes which drop into the ever-greedy maw of Crane School, simply to be used to teach Crane’s woke agenda and promote Crane’s sex-grooming program?

12] Ms. Ortiz’ very behavior shows that her agenda is to keep these students ignorant of the history of censorship, ignorant of real literature, ignorant of critical thinking skills. Instead, Ms. Ortiz relentlessly advances her destructive agenda of sexualizing and perverting the youngsters unlucky enough to be under her malevolent control. To that end, Ms. Ortiz teaches comic books in lieu of literature. What’s next in her lesson plans – “Twerking for Fun and Profit”?

13] The administration of Crane District is every bit as deviant and malevolent as their woke minion Ms. Ortiz. The Superintendent refuses to notify the parents that their children have been defiled, exposed to obscene and illegal sex-grooming materials. If a kid came to school and were subsequently diagnosed with chickenpox, the administration would spring into action, treating a minor childhood illness as a major health crisis. But when the District colludes in sex-grooming, in filling innocent pre-teens’ heads with images of teen boys sucking and fucking each other, the response of the Superintendent is “oh well, whatever …”

14] At the very least, Ms. Ortiz must be removed from the classroom and all Crane District parents must be notified of the explicit reasons for her separation from employment.

15] If this is not resolved to the satisfaction of interested members of the public, I will lodge a criminal complaint with the Sheriff. He will explain Arizona’s laws re sex-grooming and child-porn to Crane Superintendent.


Prof. Rosalie Stafford


A meeting has been arranged. Results of the meeting will be published.


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By Rosalie Stafford

Editor of The Gadsden Rattler

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